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  本文摘要:Unit 3 Im more outgoing than my sister.【重点单词】outgoing [aʊtɡəʊɪŋ] adj. 外向的The little girl is outgoing and lively.better [betə(r)] adj. #39;laʊdli] adv. 喧闹地;高声地①Xiao Ming is talking loudly in the classroom.②You should read English aloud in t


Unit 3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.【重点单词】outgoing ['aʊtɡəʊɪŋ] adj. 外向的The little girl is outgoing and lively.better ['betə(r)] adj. & adv. (good和well的比力级) 较好的(地);更好的(地)Tom is better at mathematics.loudly ['laʊdli] adv. 喧闹地;高声地①Xiao Ming is talking loudly in the classroom.②You should read English aloud in the morning声地;响亮地quietly ['kwaɪətli] adv. 轻声地;轻柔地;平静地He walked quietly into the bedroom.hard-working [ˌhɑː(r)d'wɜːkɪŋ] adj. 事情努力的;辛勤的He is a hard-working girl.Xiao Ming is a hard-working worker.competition [ˌkɒmpə'tɪʃn], [ˌkɑːmpə'tɪʃn] n. 角逐;竞赛;竞争There will be a math competition in our school tomorrow.I won the first prize in the painting competition.fantastic [fæn'tæstɪk] adj. 极好的;了不起的You look fantastic in that dress.你穿那件连衣裙真悦目。which [wɪtʃ] pron. & adj. 哪一个;哪一些Which book do you like best?Which animal do you like best?clearly ['klɪəli], ['klɪrli] adv. 清楚地;清晰地;明确的He explained the content of the text clearly.win [wɪn] v. 获胜;赢;赢得Our team won the game.though [ðəʊ] adv. 不外;可是;然而 conj. 虽然;只管;不Though it's rain,Xiao Ming went to school.talented ['tæləntɪd] adj. 有才气的;有才干的The school will hold a talent exhibition tomorrow.Grace is a talented person.truly ['truːli] adv. 真正;确实care [keə] , [ker] v. 在意;担忧;体贴Doctors are very cared about every patientcare about 体贴;在意He seems to care only about money.serious ['sɪəriəs], ['sɪriəs] adj. 严肃的;稳重的I want to have a serious talk with you.mirror ['mɪrə(r)] n. 镜子The little girl looked at herself in the mirror and laughed happily.kid [kɪd] n. 小孩;年轻人Although he is a kid, he is very brave.as long as 只要;既然As long as the weather is fine tomorrow, we will visit the Great Wall.necessary ['nesəsəri], ['nesəseri] adj. 必须的;须要的It's necessary to have a healthy eating habits.be different from 与······差别;与······有差异My bike is different from yours.both [bəʊθ] adj. & pron. 两个;两个都Both of them study hard.bring out 使显现;使体现出As the saying goes, my best friend helps to bring out the best in me.grade [greɪd] n. 结果品级;评分品级should [ʃʊd] , [ʃəd] modal v. 应该;应当;可以We should study hard in order to get good grades.the same as 和······相同;与······一致Marie looks the same as her mother.saying ['seɪɪŋ] n. 谚语;格言;警句As the saying goes, there is no fire without wind.reach [riːtʃ] v. 伸手;到达;抵达He reached for the books on the shelf.hand [hænd] n. 手Wash your hands when eating.touch [tʌtʃ] v. 感动;触摸Please do not touch the exhibits.heart [hɑː(r)t] n. 心田;心脏We can't lose heart when we are in trouble.fact [fækt] n. 现实;事实We should provide the police with the true facts.in fact 确切地说;事实上;实际上In fact, this is a misunderstanding.break [breɪk] v. (broke [brəʊk]) (使)破;裂;碎;损坏My bike is broken, so I have to walk to school.arm [ɑːm] n. 手臂;上肢His arm was cut by a branch.laugh [lɑːf], [læf] v. 笑;发 笑 n. 笑声We should not laugh at the disabled.share [ʃeə] , [ʃer] v. 分享,共享;共用;分摊Does he always like to share his happiness with his friends?loud [laʊd] adj. 响亮的;高声的The music in the classroom is too loud.similar ['sɪmələ(r)] adj. 相像的;类似的be similar to 与······相像的;与······类似的Lily looks like her mother very much=Lili is similar to her mother.primary ['praɪməri], ['praɪmeri] adj. 最初的,最早的primary school 小学My sister studies in a primary school.information [ˌɪnfə(r)'meɪʃn] n. 信息;消息They get a lot of information from the newspaper.Tara ['tɑːrə], ['tærə] 塔拉(女名)Sam [sæm] 萨姆(男名)Nelly ['nelɪ] 内莉(女名)Nelly and Tara are twins.Larry ['lærɪ] 拉里(男名)Larry used to be a naughty little boy.Unit 3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.【重点短语】1. more outgoing 更外向/更开朗My sister is more outgoing than I am.2. as...as...与…… 一样I study as well as my sister.3. the singing competition 歌咏角逐Our class had a singing competition and won the first place.4. the most important 最重要的The diet habit of excuse is the most important thing.5. be talented in music 在音乐方面有天赋My sister is talented in music.6. the same as 与……相同This picture is the same as that one.7. care about 体贴/注意/关注I don't care about my sister's grades.8. be different from 与…...差别The content of this painting is completely different from that of the inner picture9. be like a mirror 像一面镜子The calm lake is like a mirror.10. as long as 只要;与…...一样长As long as you study hard, you will get good grades.11. bring out 显示/显出My good friend let me bring out my best.12. get better grades 取得更好的结果Xiao Ming studied hard and finally he got good grades.13. reach for 伸手到达/到达The little boy reached for the top of the bookshelf14. touch one’s heart 感动The film touched my heart.=I was deeply moved by the film15. in fact 事实上In fact, he is a good man.16. make friends 交朋侪Lucy likes to make friends with outgoing people.17. be good at 在某方面结果好Grace is good at physics.18. the other 另一个I have two brothers. One is a worker and the other is a student.19. be similar to 与…相似Mary is very similar to her mother.20. be good with 与…和气相处Li Ming is always good with his friends.=Li Ming always gets along well with his friends.。



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